Photo of the glow room at Maggie Cordova Elementary with a glow in the dark hop scotch and tick tack toe board

Our Dragons at Maggie Cordova Elementary School knocked it out of the park recently with amazing behavior. That's right, students at MCE are encouraged to show positive behaviors on a daily basis. In fact, it's so important that there's a "positive referral" bin in the front office. The bin is where individuals can place referral forms for students who have been a shining example of positive behaviors. Well, the Dragons did an amazing job because the bin was completely full!

A full positive referral bin means that students receive a school-wide reward. The reward this time was a special "Glow Room" created by school staff. The glow room experience allowed students to play with collaborative games in a really fun environment. Plus, when students were in the glow room, their teachers were able to enjoy a special prep period for classes. So it was a reward for both students and staff.

Great job MCE Dragons, we are so proud of you for displaying positive behaviors and making them such an important part of your dragon culture.