Svetlana Alderson

Student of the Month:

LilyRose Larrabee!

Student of the Week:

Izzy Briceno!

Students have finished their ELA PARCC test last week. This week students will take their Math PARCC test at 9:10 am. Below is the schedule for this week of Math PARCC test.

Monday, April 23 – Math 1

Tuesday, April 24 – Math 2

Thursday, April 26 – Math 3

Friday, April 27 – Math 4

It is important that all children be present during the week of PARCC testing.

This week, students will be reading aloud and discussing their new novel, working on their research paper, and continue to learn about presidents in social studies, reviewing previously learned math concepts, and going to specials. Children need to read every day about their chosen state and their biography genre, and their book report is due on May 22nd.

On May 10th we will hold our Presidential Contest. Please practice the material provided on presidents with your child. As you know, we hold a “Gold Dollar” contest each Wednesday on presidents. This is an effort to get the children prepared and hopefully, to motivate the children for the May 10th contest.

Please note: The 4th Grade Drama Club will be presenting the play “George Washington” on Wednesday, May 2nd at 9:20 am in the GYM. All parents, siblings, aunts and uncles are invited to this event. 

A friendly reminder: Please sign a permission slip for the Dion’s field trip.


Upcoming Events

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Daily Schedule         

9:00 Daily Warm - up
9:15 ELA
10:45 Recess
11:15 Math
12:20 Lunch
Monday: PE
Day 1: Computer 
Day 2: Music 1   
Day 3: No Specials 
Day 4: Music 2
Day 5: Library  
Day 6: Art  
Day 7: No Specials
2:00 Interventions
2:30 Recess
2:45 Social Studies/Science
Gifted: All day on Fridays from 9:15 to 4:00.
Wednesday Schedule
9:00 Daily Warm-up
9:25 Math/ Review 
9:50 Science
10:50 Lunch & Recess
11:40 Social Studies
12:45 Dismissal