Svetlana Alderson

Student of the Week:

Colin Jones! 

This week in reading, students will finish reading and discussing a new story “Pecos Bill,” determining the meaning of words as they are used in the text, describe in depth a setting and characters in a story, and explain the theme of the text. In writing, students will be working on their narrative essay based on the new story “Pecos Bill.”

This week children are required to work on their Mystery Detective book report project, which is due on January 22nd

In math, this week students will start learning about fractions, specifically the equivalence of two fractions.

In social studies, students will start learning about the U.S. government, including the three branches of the government, the Supreme Court and U.S. presidents.

In science, students will be learning about how matter changes.




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Daily Schedule         

9:00 Daily Warm - up
9:15 ELA
10:45 Recess
11:15 Math
12:20 Lunch
Monday: PE
Day 1: Computer 
Day 2: Music 1   
Day 3: No Specials 
Day 4: Music 2
Day 5: Library  
Day 6: Art  
Day 7: No Specials
2:00 Interventions
2:30 Recess
2:45 Social Studies/Science
Gifted: All day on Fridays from 9:15 to 4:00.
Wednesday Schedule
9:00 Daily Warm-up
9:25 Math/ Review 
9:50 Science
10:50 Lunch & Recess
11:40 Social Studies
12:45 Dismissal