Courtney Hurlock

Mrs. Hurlock's 4th Grade Class

 Please remember that students who are absent are still expected to turn in their Spelling Menu on Friday. 

Homework tonight: Reading 20 minutes
Spelling menu 
Spelling words this week: benches, horses, foxes, guesses, brushes, speeches, splashes, scratches, clothes, mixes, churches, crashes, voices, peaches, classes, kisses, sketches, ditches, leashes, changes, branches, watches, places, ashes. 

ClassDojo: Please sign up to participate in ClassDojo. It is a great way to see how your child is doing throughout the day. This application also allows you to get in contact with me in a quick and easy manner. Your child should have brought home a ClassDojo form. 

*Please remember to check your child's agenda everyday. 
*Please remember to check your child's homework/take-home folder for graded work and other important forms and information. 

Multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit using area model.

Unit 2 
​The Longest Night 

Daily Schedule: 
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday
 9:00-9:15 Morning activity 
9:15-10:45 ELA
10:45-11:15 Morning Recess
11:15-12:20 Math
12:26-12:46 Lunch
12:55-1:07 Transition (Read aloud, Brain Break, etc.)
1:10-2:00 Special
2:00-2:30 Intervention
2:30-2:45 Afternoon Recess 
2:45-3:50 Science/Social Studies 
3:50-4:00 Clean-up/ Class jobs

9:00-9:15 Morning activity 
9:15-10:15 Math
10:15-10:50 ELA
10:50-11:40 Lunch/Recess

11:45- 12:10 Intervention
12:10-12:35 Reading Buddies (Mrs. Byrnes Kindergarten Classroom)
12:35-12:45 Clean-up/ Jobs 

Specials Schedule:
P.E. is every Thursday from 11:25-12:15​
Day 1- Library
Day 2- No special 
Day 3-Music 2
Day 4- Computer
Day 5- Music 1
Day 6- Art
Day 7- No special