Nicelle Spears

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Mrs. Spears' 1st Grade
Classroom News

Here is what we are currently working on in class:

Reading:  In Unit 2, Module B, we will be reading two really informative stories, "Far From Home" and "Going to School".  Through these stories we will be learning the following vocabulary words:  tidy, perfect, tucked, strange, neatly, shocked, promised, exercise, enjoy, lesson, countries, villages, learn, weather, languages, community, native, library, subject, ballet, classmates, blind, diagrams, and city.

Phonics:  We are learning about Digraphs (two letters that work together to make one sound)  (wh, sh, th, ch, ph, ck)
Sight words: We will be working on the following words: will, then, other, about, out  Then we will move to: many, up, them, these, so.  Next, we will work on:  some, her, would, make, like.

Writing:   At the end of this module, the children will think about what they have learned about students from around the world.  They will choose one student from "Far From Home" or "Going to School".  Children will compare and contrast their own school experiences with this student's school experiences.  It is an informative/explanatory writing task.  

Math:  In Module 2 -

The Leader in Me:  
Habit #1 - Be Proactive - you are in charge of you
Habit #2 - Begin with the end in mind - have a goal 
Habit #3 - Put first things first - work before play
Habit #4 - Think win-win - think of ways to help everyone win
Habit #5 - Seek first to understand, then to be understood - listen to others
Habit #6 - Synergize - work together to meet our goals
Habit #7 - Sharpen the saw - enjoy family and friends to recharge our battery

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, Dec 18- Dress like a Winter character- Elf, Snowman or Reindeer
  • Tuesday, Dec 19- Wear your craziest Winter socks or crazy Winter hair
  • Wednesday, Dec 20- Polar Express Pajama Day
  • Thursday, December 21st through Monday, January 8th - Winter Break

Our Daily Schedule

8:55 - First Bell Rings

***10:10-11:00 - PE (Monday ONLY)***

9:00-11:20 - ELA

11:28-11:48 - Lunch

12:00-12:30 - Recess 12:30-2:00  - Math

2:00-2:15 - Recess

2:15- 2:30 - Snack

2:30-2:55  - Read Aloud

3:00-3:50 - Specials

3:50-4:00 - Pack up, clean up and dismiss

Our Specials Schedule

Day 1 - No Special
Day 2 - Library  
Day 3 - No Special  
Day 4 - Music 2  
Day 5 - Computer  
Day 6 - Music 1
Day 7 - Art