MaryAnn Norero

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Mrs. Norero's First Grade Class

Hello my name is MaryAnn Norero.  This is my sixth year at Maggie Cordova Elementary.  I have 21 years experience as a teacher.  I have taught K through 5th grade.  I have recently been a reading specialist with the district. I graduated from UNM with a BA in Elementary Education and a MA in Children's Literature.  I am so excited to be teaching first grade this year!  My school # is 994-0229 ex. 123.   

Because it is still Summer, make sure that your child has a water bottle that will stay at school for the entire year.  The children get dehydrated very quickly in this dry environment and the water bottle is a must.  If your child burns easily you might want to put sunblock on him in the morning.

Snack - You will be responsible for sending a snack to school every day of the week except Wednesday.  It needs to be nutritious.  Yogurt, cheese and fruit are some good options.  If the snack requires a spoon please include it.   

Popsicle Social - I look forward to meeting you at the Popsicle Social on August 11.  At this time you will also sign up for a testing time for your child.  See you between  4:30 to 6:30.