MCE Loaner Chromebook Return May 20

MCE Loaner Chromebook Turn In Information
If your son/daughter currently has a Chromebook that you received from MCE, we will be collecting these from ALL K-5 STUDENTS on May 20st from 9:00-11:00 in the back bus lanes.  

Drop Off Specifics- (Drive through service)
● Please bring your Chromebook and both parts of the power cord. Each Chromebook will be inspected for damage. Have the Chromebook turned on and open to reveal there is no damage and it is still in working order.

If you have a missing power cord or broken cord, broken screen, keys missing or keyboard broken, please have a check ready made out to RRPS for us to repair the Chromebook.

      ○ ASUS C202 model Chromebook- $75.00
      ○ HP 11GE model Chromebook- $200.00
      ○ Screen- $50.00
      ○ Keyboard- $23.00
      ○ Power Cord- $20.00

● If you do not return the Chromebook or you do not have payment for repair, this fee will be added to your student’s account and we will set up an online system for you to pay
for this at a later date.

● If you were given a Sparklight kit or a hot spot, please place everything back in the box it came in and return it on May 21st along with your Chromebook and power cord.
● All Sparklight kits will need to be returned on May 21st
      ○ If you need WIFI for summer school, we will check out a hot spot for you to use.

**If you would like to keep your Sparklight service, please call 505-219-2033.  They have several options for you to continue with a low-cost service.

If your son/daughter is attending ESY, you may continue to use your assigned RRPS Chromebook until the end of your summer program. You will turn in that
device and hotspot to your summer school principal or designee. We have a list of these students and will provide more information to them soon.