Mission: Integrate technology into the curriculum and the school in order to engage and motivate students, as well as to prepare them for the 21st century

Rationale: The multi-sensory capabilities of technology address several learning styles at once: auditory, visual and tactile-kinesthetic. Students are drawn to images, movement, and sound. Teachers can attract and maintain children’s attention with quality technology equipment and content. Studies show that these types of materials improve student learning and retention.

Long-term Goal
: Increase technology access for all students by equipping every two rooms with a Chromebook cart of 30 computers.

Technology Equipment at our School
  • Computer lab with 32 computers - Room 313
  • Computer lab with 29 computers - Room 101
  • Computer lab with 31 computers - Room 107
  • Mobile Wireless Cart for classroom use (30)
  • Three+ computers per classroom
  • 8 student workstations in Library
  • Mini Reading Lab (with 12 workstations) for testing and small group work
  • Mounted Projectors in every classroom
  • Document Cameras in every classroom
  • Smart Interactive Whiteboards
  • Digital Cameras and Camcorders
  • Classroom Sound Amplification Systems