EMDC (Staff Only)

Contact Us:

Bryn Livingston, Coordinator                                          
(505) 892-7735 ext. 515 (office)                        
email: bryn.livingston@rrps.net                      
Lindsay Mount, Assistant Coordinator            
email: lindsay.mount@rrps.net

Infant Room: ext. 560
Toddler Room: ext. 301
Preschool Room: ext. 562
Pre-K Room: ext. 561


Infant Room - Ms. Sam, Ms. Deb & Ms. Dani  

Ms. Sam, Ms. Dani and Ms. Deb

Toddler Room - Ms. Heatherlyn, Ms. Yolanda, Ms. Heather & Ms. Melissa  

Dear Families,

Ms. Heatherlyn, Ms. Heather, Ms. Yolanda and Ms. Melissa

Preschool Room - Ms. Amelia & Ms. Renee

Ms. Amelia & Ms. Renee

Pre-K Classroom - Ms. Anna & Ms. Nicole

Ms. Anna & Ms. Nicole