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What are we learning?

This month we will begin to look at patterns that stories make and the structure of a story through the lens of plants. We will be reading Eric Carl's The Tiny Seed and Jack's Garden. Then on April 7th, we will be going on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens and Aquarium to extend all of our learning!


Our final product at the end of this unit will be an opinion writing. When we write about opinions we tell how we feel and reasons to support our feelings. Handwriting practice continues to be of huge importance. If you have a tablet there are many fantastic apps that can make great use of screen time.  Click on the link to see some to the best apps for practice!The Best Handwriting Apps . We will also begin to refine our writing by making sure to use an uppercase letter at the beginning of a sentence, finger spaces between words and punctuation at the end. 


Foundational Skills
We continue to focus of putting sounds together to make words. We have recently introduced consonant blends like sl, pl, cl, and fl. We are working hard to train our ears to hear these sounds. We are also working hard to make listen for vowel sounds. 

This month’s sight words are






what said was she am
where is come was we

Please review these with your child and search for them when doing your nightly reading. After being able to identify letters and their sounds sight words are the next biggest predictor of reading success! Some things to talk about when doing your nightly reading are looking at the pictures for clues to understand the stories, sounding out words that we don't know, and rereading when we come to words that are tricky for us!


Literacy on the Go!
Name sight words can your child spell them from memory?
Try thinking of words with consonant blends. Pick a category and start naming!
Pick a letter of the day. See who can spy the most of that letter as you are out and about. 

Talk about patterns you see in nature. Can you name the plants around your home? If you can tell your child about them. If you can't Google them to see if you can find out more about them. Have your child decide how to word the question then let them ask using the talk feature like we do in the classroom!  


We continue to work on addition and subtraction. We focusing on numbers 5 - 10 this month. We will also introduce traditional number sentences for subtraction such as 5-2=3

Math Vocabulary


number sentences

make 10


number bond

number pairs or partners


put together


take apart

take away



Math on the Go!


Please be sure that you are doing at least 10 minutes of nightly reading. It is important to take the time to talk about the book and elements like character, setting, events, feelings, and reactions when reading.If possible log the stories you have read. It can be amazing to look back over the year and see the things you have enjoyed. Thank you for those you who have been completing the homework packets.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who participated!!! Our classroom raised over $750 dollars that will go directly toward our school playground. Many students found a love of reading in the process! 



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