Svetlana Alderson

Students of the Week:

Lily Rose Larrabee and Colin Jones!

Student of the Month:

Daniel Long!

In reading students will finish reading and discussing “How the Stars Fell into the Sky”, determine the meaning of words as they are used in the text, describe in depth a setting in a story, and explain a theme of a text.

Children will be introduced to Poetry Genre and elements of poetry.

The written response on the constellation is due on Tuesday, December 12th.

In math, children will be reviewing factors, multiples, prime, and composite numbers and division up to three-digit and learning to divide four-digit numbers and multiply three and four-digit numbers by one–digit numbers applying the standard algorithm (4.NBT.5). 

Students will take a final test on States and Capitals today, December 11th. Only students who have earned 80% will be participating in the States and Capitals contest. The “States and Capitals” contest will be held on December 18th in the classroom at 9:20 am., not at 9:30 am as was previously announced.

In science, students will be learning about the different type of rocks.

I am planning to do our Gingerbread Construction on Wednesday, December 20th at 9:00 am. I would greatly appreciate it if you are able to provide some of the necessary items for this event.

I will need one more parent/volunteer to help our students with this project.



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9:00 Daily Warm - up
9:15 ELA
10:45 Recess
11:15 Math
12:20 Lunch
Monday: PE
Day 1: Computer 
Day 2: Music 1   
Day 3: No Specials 
Day 4: Music 2
Day 5: Library  
Day 6: Art  
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2:00 Interventions
2:30 Recess
2:45 Social Studies/Science
Gifted: All day on Fridays from 9:15 to 4:00.
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9:25 Math/ Review 
9:50 Science
10:50 Lunch & Recess
11:40 Social Studies
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