Svetlana Alderson

Student of the Week:

Isaac Ottesen

In reading, students will continue reading and discussing a new story “Fragile Frogs,” recognize their new vocabulary words, based on context clues, and determine the main idea and important details of the story. Students will review text structure, specifically, cause and effect.

Besides writing a summary this week, children will continue learning how to write compare and contrast paragraph.

Biography Book Report is due on October 23rd.

In math, students will be reviewing how to use the formulas for area and perimeter of rectangles and solve word problems by applying the area and perimeter formulas and learning interpreting and representing patterns when multiplying by 10, 100, and 1,000.

We will start working on Multiplication Table, please work with your child every evening to memorize multiplication facts.

Students will continue practicing to solve multi-step word problems using addition and subtraction standard algorithm. 

In social studies, children will continue to study and review U.S. geography with an emphasis on state capitals.

In science, students will learn about the human body, specifically, the cardiovascular system.

Just a reminder: A Science Project/ Biome Suitcase is due on October 27th.  

Attention: I will be sending field trip permission slips this week. Please sign and return your child’s permission slip for the field trip for the Children’s Water Festival, which will take place on Monday, October 23rd at noon.

Please note: Last week teacher/parent conference form was sent home for you to sign and return ASAP.


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Daily Schedule         

9:00 Daily Warm - up
9:15 ELA
10:45 Recess
11:15 Math
12:20 Lunch
Monday: PE
Day 1: Computer 
Day 2: Music 1   
Day 3: No Specials 
Day 4: Music 2
Day 5: Library  
Day 6: Art  
Day 7: No Specials
2:00 Interventions
2:30 Recess
2:45 Social Studies/Science
Gifted: All day on Fridays from 9:15 to 4:00.
Wednesday Schedule
9:00 Daily Warm-up
9:25 Math/ Review 
9:50 Science
10:50 Lunch & Recess
11:40 Social Studies
12:45 Dismissal