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What Are We Learning?


In this unit, students are working to understand that life is a process of growth, change, and learning in which important lessons are taught from generation to generation. They are reading to understand who is telling a story and how that shapes the story. In writing, they are working on narratives and understanding that narratives contain characters and sequenced events. At the end of this unit, students will write a narrative that tells a story about a family. 
We are focusing on the following Enduring Understandings:
- Readers understand the connection between multiple pieces of information in a text.
- Writers understand that facts and details help explain information to others.
- Learners understand that living things grow over time and that each part of an organism contributes to this process. 
We are studying these themes in the books Arbor Day Square,  The Family Tree, The Life Cycle of an Apple Tree, and How a Seed Grows as we read about and analyze characters' decisions. Students are also responding to what they are reading by writing about their own related experiences as well as opinions about the text.  


In this unit, we are focused on place value within ones and tens. They are working on understanding that the two digits of a two-digit number represents amount of tens and ones. They are working on mentally finding 10 more or 10 less than a number without having to count. They are also being introduced to using place value to add and subtract within 20 as well as using dimes and pennies as representations of tens and ones. 


Homework will be due on  Friday, March 31st.  Students should only be spending 15 minutes a night on homework, including nightly reading. Please have students only complete 1 worksheet a night and spend most of their nightly homework time on reading. They should be working on homework throughout the entire month to establish nightly homework routines. Please complete the reading log included in the homework folder. Thank you for spending time doing homework with your child and establishing homework routines in your home.

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